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Yegor Timurovich Gaidar (Его́р Тиму́рович Гайда́р) (born March 19, 1956) is a Russian economist and politician, and was the acting Prime Minister of Russia from June 15, 1992 to December 14, 1992. He is the grandson of famous Soviet writers Arkady Gaidar (on the side of his father, Rear Admiral Timur Gaidar) and of Pavel Bazhov (on his mother's side).


[edit] Professional life

Gaidar graduated with honors from the Moscow State University, Department of Economics, in 1978 and worked as a researcher in several academic institutes. A long-time member of the Communist Party and an editor of the CPSU ideological journal Communist during the perestroyka, he turned a liberal during the time of Yeltsin's reforms. In 1991 he quit the Communist Party and joined Yeltsin's government.

While in government, Gaidar advocated liberal economic reforms according to the principle of shock therapy. His most well-known decision was to abolish price regulation by the state, which immediately resulted in a major increase of prices and amounted to officially authorizing a market economy in Russia. He also cut military procurement and industrial subsidies, and reduced the budget deficit. Gaidar was the Minister of Economic Development from 1991 until 1992, and Minister of Finance from February 1992 until April 1992.

He was appointed acting Prime Minister under President Boris Yeltsin in 1992 from June 15 until December 14, when the anti-Yeltsin Congress of People's Deputies refused to confirm him in this position and chose instead the seemingly more conservative Viktor Chernomyrdin. Gaidar was also the First Deputy Prime Minister from 1991 until 1992 and again from September 1993 until January 1994.

[edit] After 1994

Later in 1994, after leaving the government, he became a founding member and chairman of the Democratic Choice of Russia party. In 1999, he became a founding member and co-chairman, along with his longtime political ally Anatoly Chubais of the Union of Right Forces. He served as a deputy of the State Duma from 1999 to 2003. In 2001 the Democratic Choice Party merged into the Union of Right Forces. After URF's failure to regain seats in the parliament in 2003, Gaidar gradually retired from public political activities, concentrating on research in economics.

Yegor Gaidar has over 100 publications in Australia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary,Ireland, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Poland, Spain, Taiwan, UK, USA, and by international institutions.

Yegor Gaidar just published a new book, "Lasting time. Russia in the World." (Russian) where he criticized the economic policies of Putin's administration. In this book, he completed a meticulous analysis of a close relationship between the prices on the energy resources and political events in Russia. He justified that one of main reasons behind the Soviet Union's fall was the low prices on oil. The prices were also low during Yeltsin's rule, which was a serious problem that made the political and economic reforms in the country very difficult. According to Gaidar, it is wrong to rely only on the selling oil and gas (as the current Russian government is doing), which creates only false impression of prosperity and stability in the country. He argued that a lot more must be done to promote the real economic development.

[edit] Positions held

[edit] Honorary Positions

[edit] 2006 Illness

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On November 28, 2006, Yegor Gaidar was found unconscious in County Kildare, Ireland where he had been presenting his new book, "Lasting time. Russia in the World." . He was taken to a Dublin hospital and doctors say there is a serious threat to his health. There have been suspicions of a poisoning but Gaidar and his close ally Anatoly Chubais have refrained from accusing the Russian Security Service.<ref>Second Russian in poison mystery, November 29, 2006</ref>

Doctors see no natural reason for Yegor Gaidar's but say that his condition is not life threatening.

These events are reminiscent of last days of Alexander Litvinenko, who died of radiation poisoning on 23 November 2006.

On November 30th, 2006, Gaidar's doctors made a statement that they believed he was also poisoned.

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Yegor Gaidar

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