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Welcome to the Wikipedia Sandbox! This page allows you to carry out experiments. To edit, click here or edit this page above (or the views section for obscure browsers), make your changes and click the Save page button when finished. Content will not stay permanently; this page is automatically cleaned every hour.

Please do not place copyrighted, offensive, or libelous content in the sandbox(es). If you have any questions regarding Wikipedia, please see Wikipedia:Questions. Thanks!

This page is a virtual sandbox on Wikipedia. For uses of sandboxes, see the article sandbox.

You may also use the templates X1 (reset), X2 (reset), X3 (reset), X4 (reset), X5 (reset), X6 (reset), X7 (reset), X8 (reset), and X9 (reset) for experimental purposes.

Try other sandboxes: Main Sandbox | Tutorial Sandbox 1 (reset) | Tutorial Sandbox 2 (reset) | Tutorial Sandbox 3 (reset) | Tutorial Sandbox 4 (reset) | Tutorial Sandbox 5 (reset)
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af:Wikipedia:Sandput als:Wikipedia:Spielwiese ang:Wikipedia:Sandbox ar:Wikipedia:Sandbox bg:Уикипедия:Пясъчник bn:Wikipedia:Sandbox ca:Viquipèdia:Pàgina de proves cs:Wikipedie:Pískoviště cy:Wicipedia:Bocs_swnd da:Wikipedia:Sandkassen de:Wikipedia:Spielwiese el:Wikipedia:Αμμοδοχείο eo:Vikipedio:Testejo es:Wikipedia:Zona de pruebas eu:Wikipedia:Proba orria fi:Wikipedia:Hiekkalaatikko fr:Wikipédia:Bac à sable fy:Wikipedy:Kladblok ga:Vicipid:Clár dubh gd:Tigh-cluiche he:ויקיפדיה:ארגז חול hu:Wikipédia:Homokozó ia:Wikipedia:Sabliera id:Wikipedia:Bak pasir it:Wikipedia:Sandbox ja:Wikipedia:サンドボックス ko:위키백과:모래상자 la:Wikipedia:Pagina experimentalis li:Wikipedia:Zandjbak mg:Wikipedia:Fasika toerana mi:Wikipedia:Papa tākaro ml:Wikipedia:Sandbox ms:Sandbox na:Wikipedia:Era&#361rõ egato nds:Wikipedia:Speelwisch nl:Wikipedia:Zandbak nn:Wikipedia:Sankasse no:Wikipedia:Sandkasse pl:Wikipedia:Brudnopis pt:Wikipedia:Página de testes ro:Wikipedia:Cutia cu nisip ru:Википедия:Песочница si:Wikipedia:Peskovnik simple:Wikipedia:Sandbox sr:Википедија:Песак sq:Wikipedia:Livadhi sh:Wikipedia:Eksperimenti sv:Wikipedia:Sandlådan th:วิกิพีเดีย:กระบะทราย tr:Vikipedi:Deneme tahtası vi:Wikipedia:Chỗ_thử zh:Wikipedia:沙盒

World Wizzy:Sandbox

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