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The cachet of being known as the world's busiest airport is fiercely fought over by the owners of the world's largest airports.

The following airports have variously made claims (or had claims made for them):

Largest number of passengers annually (before 1998, 2006)
Most arrivals and departures annually (before 1998, 2001–2004, 2006). World's busiest airport.
Held from 1932 until O'Hare took the title in 1962, Midway was the world's busiest airport by passenger and aircraft movements. Before World War II, Chicago Midway was the origin or destination of one in four U.S. airline flights. [1]
Most international destinations served.
Largest number of passengers annually (1998—2005)
Most arrivals and departures annually (1999–2000, 2005).
World's Busiest International Airport [2].
Largest number of international passengers annually (2004) [3].
Set to become the World's Busiest Airport on the completion of terminal 5.[4]
Most passengers originating or making their destination at an airport (non-connecting).
Most cargo traffic by volume annually.
The world's busiest domestic airport until service to Seoul started. However, it is often overshadowed by Narita International Airport, which serves international passengers flying into Tokyo.
World's busiest general aviation airport.

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World's busiest airport

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