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WikiZnanie (Russian: ВикиЗнание) is a Russian language WikiWiki encyclopedia released under the BSL DPL license and created in 2003. It uses the MediaWiki software. The name derives from wiki and znanie, Russian for knowledge.

In 2006, WikiZnanie added over 1000 articles. As of November, 2006, WikiZnanie has over 103,000 articles (compared with over 119,000 on the Russian wikipedia). Much of its content comes from encyclopedias, some of which are freely available on the Internet: Great Soviet Encyclopedia, Soviet Great Encyclopedic Dictionary, Brockhaus and Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary and other free texts.

WikiZnanie differs from the Wikipedia (and Russian Wikipedia) project by licensing under the BSL DPL (instead of GFDL), the possibility (and even encouragement) of having articles representing several different points of view and displaying of commercial ads on article pages. It also allows original research. It has servers in Moscow for faster access to pages from Russian territory and uses ads to secure financial support.

The author and webmaster of the project is Andrey Vovk (wznan:user:Vovkav).

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