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Waseda University
Image:Waseda logo.jpg
Motto 学問の独立
(Independence of Learning)
Established 1882
Type Private
Endowment N/A
Chancellor Katsuhiko Shirai
Faculty 1,669 full-time
3,264 part-time
Staff N/A
Students 54,493
Undergraduates 46,034
Postgraduates 8,459
Doctoral students 6,727
Professional students 1,732
Location Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
Campus Urban
Athletics 43 varsity teams
Colors Crimson
Mascot Waseda Bear, Fukuchan (unofficial)
Fight song Kompeki no sora
Affiliations Tokyo Six Universities

Waseda University (早稲田大学 Waseda daigaku?), often abbreviated to Sodai (早大 Sōdai?) is the top private university in Japan, known for the liberal culture symbolized by its motto "Independence of Learning".

Apart from University of Tokyo, it is one of the most prestigious institutions of higher learning in Japan. It is often compared with Keio University. As for baseball, it is a member of the Tokyo 6 Universities. It is located on the northern side of Tokyo's Shinjuku Ward.

Waseda is also known as a training ground for Japanese politicians. Five postwar prime ministers are Waseda alumni: Tanzan Ishibashi (1956–1957), Noboru Takeshita (1987–1989), Toshiki Kaifu (1989–1991), Keizo Obuchi (1998–2000), and Yoshiro Mori (2000–2001).

Among the last ten prime ministers, three of them are Waseda alumni; two are from Keio University; one from Tokyo University; none from Kyoto University.

Socialist leader Mosaburo Suzuki was also a Waseda alumnus.


[edit] History

The school was founded by samurai scholar and Meiji-era politician and former prime minister Okuma Shigenobu in 1882, and was designated a full university in 1902. Much of the campus was destroyed in the firebombings of Tokyo during World War II, but the university was rebuilt and reopened by 1949.

Waseda's literature program is particularly famous, and counts Haruki Murakami and Tawara Machi among its graduates. The Waseda University Library is also possessed of a unique collection which survived the Bombing of Tokyo in World War II unlike many of its counterparts. This means that its collection is an important resource in the study of pre-war Japanese history and literature.

Joyu Fumihiro, a de-facto chief of religious group Aleph (formerly known as Aum Shinrikyo), also graduated from Waseda, where he studied Artificial Intelligence.

A September 11 victim named Toshiya Kuge (Wikipedia Memorial page), who was one of the passengers on United Airlines Flight 93, was a student at this university.

Waseda was recently involved in the development of the WL-16 "walking robot."

Many international students from Asia or the other areas are registered. The numbers of Chinese and Korean students are great historically, in consequence, there is a strong relationship with political and economic circles of both countries.

[edit] Surrounding Areas

Waseda University's main campus is aptly located in the Nishi-Waseda district of Shinjuku, though Waseda is generally associated with the Yamanote Line station, Takadanobaba. One stop away from Waseda on the Tozai line is Kagurazaka. 60 years ago Kagurazaka was the Geisha center of Tokyo. Besides having fewer geisha, it is now home to French and classic Japanese restaurants.

Northwest of the university is Ikebukuro, the second busiest station in Tokyo. A place incongruously (for being so busy) devoid of much nightlife outside of massage parlors and hostess bars.

One stop away on the Yamanote line from Takadanobaba is Mejiro Station. A veritable oasis of calm and beauty when contrasted to bustling and youthful Takadanobaba station. Mejiro station is adjacent to Gakushuin University.

[edit] Sports competitions

[edit] Baseball

The rivalry between Waseda and Keio University is highlighted by the Sōkeisen in the Tokyo Big6 Baseball League. The baseball series is held twice a year in the Spring and Autumn. Held at Meiji-Jingu Stadium, it is considered one of the most important competitions by both student bodies. The Waseda University Baseball Club is the most successful team in the Big6 league in terms of winning percentage, but it has 37 league championships, which puts it second behind Hosei University.

[edit] Football (soccer)

Waseda University football team won the Emperor's Cup, in 1964 and 1967.

[edit] Rugby union

Waseda University Rugby Football Club currently is the reigning university rugby union champion in Japan, reaching the university championships 25 times, and winning nine times. Its rival for the last five championships has been Kanto Gakuin University.

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Waseda University

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