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Volkhov River
Volkhov River near Velikiy Novgorod, and the Yuriev Monastery.
Origin Lake Ilmen
Mouth Lake Ladoga
Basin countries Russia
Length 224 km (139 mi)
Source elevation 18 m (59 ft)
Avg. discharge 580 m³/s (20,486 ft³/s)
Basin area 80,200 km² (30,965 mi²)

Volkhov River (Russian: Во́лхов), also called Olhava river is a river in Novgorod Oblast and Leningrad Oblast of Russia.


[edit] Geography

Volkhov flows out of the Lake Ilmen north into the Lake Ladoga, the largest lake of Europe. It is the second largest tributary of Lake Ladoga. Its length is 224 km, and its fall is about 15 meters. It is navigable over its whole length. The area of its basin, including the Ilmen basin, is 80,200 km². Its discharge is highly variable depending primarily on the level of the Lake Ilmen: from 44 to 2,900 m³/s. Volkhov was reported to reverse its direction in the upper part in exceptional cases. The level of water is regulated by the Volkhov hydroelectric dam (the first Soviet regional hydroelectric dam opened on December 19, 1926 in the framework of the GOELRO plan) situated 25 km upstream the mouth of the river. Apart from hydroelectric purposes, the dam serves to facilitate navigation in the lower part of the river previously known for its rapids.

The upstream part of the Volkhov is connected to the Msta River by the Siversov Canal bypassing Lake Ilmen. The downstream part is connected with Neva, Syas River, and Svir River by the Novoladozhsky Canal bypassing Lake Ladoga.

The river freezes up in the late November and breaks up in the early April.

[edit] History

The ancient Russian capital Staraya Ladoga and one of the principal Russian medieval cities Velikiy Novgorod are located along the Volkhov. The Varangian-dominated Rus' Khaganate probably formed around a collection of settlements located on its banks. In the 9th-11th centuries, Volkhov was a part of an important water trade route from the Varangians to the Greeks connecting Baltic and Black seas. Despite its relatively small size, Volkhov has played a large role in Russian history and economy. A figure representing the Volkhov appears among the allegorical monuments to the four major rivers of Russia on the rostral columns in the ensemble of the St. Petersburg Bourse.

[edit] Cities and towns along the Volkhov

[edit] Main tributaries

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Volkhov River

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