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Image:Vistula Lagoon.jpg
Landsat photo of the Vistula Spit

The Vistula Spit (Polish: Mierzeja Wiślana; German: Frische Nehrung; Russian: Балтийская коса) is a spit, or peninsular stretch of land cutting the Vistula Lagoon off from Gdańsk Bay. The border between Poland and Kaliningrad Oblast, an exclave of Russia, runs across it, splitting it politically in halves.

Until the 13th century, the spit had navigable straits in the middle, which allowed the city of Elbing (Elbląg), part of the Monastic State of the Teutonic Knights, direct access to the Baltic Sea. The natural closing of the straits in the late 13th century ended Elbing's status as an important seaport and motivated the Teutonic Knights to conquer Eastern Pomerania with its port city of Gdańsk (Danzig).

de:Frische Nehrung

fr:Presqu'île de la Vistule ko:비스툴라 곶 pl:Mierzeja Wiślana ru:Балтийская коса

Vistula Spit

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