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The Vindhya range

The Vindhya Range is a range of hills in central India, which geographically separates the Indian subcontinent into northern India (the Indo-Gangetic plain) and Southern India.

The western end of the range rises in eastern Gujarat state, near the border with Madhya Pradesh, and the range runs east and north nearly to the Ganges River at Mirzapur. The southern slopes of the range are drained by the Narmada River, which drains westward to the Arabian Sea in the depression between the Vindhya Range and the parallel Satpura Range to the south. The northern slopes of the range are drained by tributaries of the Ganges, including the Kali Sindh, Parbati, Betwa, and Ken. The Son, a tributary of the Ganges, drains the southern slopes of the range at its eastern end.

The Vindhyan tableland is a plateau that lies to the north of the central part of the range. The cities of Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, and Indore lie on the tableland, which rises higher than the Indo-Gangetic plain to its north.

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Coordinates: 24°37′N 82°00′Efr:Vindhya de:Vindhyagebirge sv:Vindhyabergen

Vindhya Range

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