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VNO-NCW (known in English as the Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers) is a Dutch employers' federation.


[edit] History

VNO-NCW was founded in 1996 as fusion of the Christian-democratic Nederlands Christelijk Werkgeversverbond (NCW), which was founded as fusion of the Protestant PCW and the Catholic NKW, and the liberal Verbond van Nederlandse Ondernemingen (VNO). Both organizations had strong ties with the Protestant and liberal pillar respectively.

[edit] Name

The federation chose not to adopt a new name, but instead use the well-known acronyms of its constituent organizations.

[edit] Activities

The most important function of VNO-NCW is the CAO-talks, over wages and secondary working conditions, it holds with the trade unions. It also advises government via the Social Economic Council in which other employers' organizations, trade unions and government appointed experts also have seats.

[edit] Organization

VNO-NCW is the national employers' federation, it has 180 branch organizations as members, these organize 115,000 companies. This includes 80% of the smaller corporations and nearly all larger businesses.

The VNO-NCW has got a General Board and Board. The general board meets six times a year, and sets the general policy. The Board manages the daily operation of VNO-NCW. The current chair is Bernard Wientjes. The last chairs of the organization have been member of either the liberal VVD or the Christian-democratic CDA.

Several formally independent regional employers' associations, such as VNO-NCW North, VNO-NCW West, the Employers' Association of Brabant and Zeeland and the Employers' Association of Limburg are in close cooperation with VNO-NCW.

The organization publishes Forum, its own magazine. AWVN is an advisory organization linked to VNO-NCW specialized in labour relations. De Baak is an educative institution for entrepreneurs.

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