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UseModWiki is a wiki engine developed from 1999 to 2000 by Clifford Adams in the Perl programming language. It is licensed under the GNU General Public License. Pages in UseModWiki are stored in ordinary files, not in a relational database.


[edit] History

Clifford Adams started developing UseModWiki in 1999 for his 1991-to-1999 Usenet Moderation Project (Usemod) from the code of AtisWiki 0.3 by Markus Denker. AtisWiki was based on CvWiki by Peter Merel. CvWiki was based on Wiki Base, the wiki engine of the WikiWikiWeb by Ward Cunningham.

[edit] Web sites using UseModWiki

The first wiki to use UseModWiki's test versions was Clifford Adams's own wiki, which had been running on AtisWiki since October 11, 1999. The second wiki to use UseModWiki, the MeatballWiki created by Adams and Sunir Shah and dedicated to online communities, was also installed on that same Web site on April 24, 2000.

From January 15, 2001 until early 2002, UseModWiki was used to run all versions of Wikipedia. All language versions have since been moved over to MediaWiki.

WikiWikiWeb's sister wiki the Adjunct, installed by Earle Martin in July 2005, also run on UseModWiki.

UseModWiki is probably the most popular wiki software (in terms of number of wikis rather than total number of edits) despite the fact that it has few features. This is due to the relatively little computing power required (as compared to other wiki implementations such as TWiki or MediaWiki) and its ease of installation.

[edit] UseModWiki versions

Date Version
January 22 2000 0.70
June 18 2000 0.80
July 15 2000 0.82
August 26 2000 0.86
October 12 2000 0.88
December 24 2000 0.90
February 16 2001 0.91
April 21 2001 0.92
September 12 2003 1.00

[edit] Wiki engines derived from UseModWiki

Among the wiki engines derived from UseModWiki are:

[edit] External links

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