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Image:Ural Mountains Map.gif
Map of the Ural Mountains
The Village of Kolchedan in Ural Mountains in 1912

The Ural Mountains (Russian: Ура́льские го́ры, Uralskiye gory) also known simply as the Urals and as the Riphean Mountains in Greco-Roman antiquity, is a mountain range that runs roughly north and south through western Russia.

The Urals extend 2,500 km from the Kazakh steppes along the northern border of Kazakhstan to the coast of the Arctic ocean. The island of Novaya Zemlya forms a further continuation of the chain. Geographically this range marks the northern part of the (arbitrary) border between Asian and European sections of the Eurasian continent. Its highest peak is Mount Narodnaya (Poznurr, 1895 m). Erosion has exposed considerable mineral wealth in the Urals, including gems such as topaz and beryl. The Virgin Komi Forests in the northern Urals are recognized as a World Heritage site.

Yekaterinburg is the largest city and the self-proclaimed capital of the Urals, though "Urals" is a geographical term, not an administrative one.

The Urals are among the world's oldest extant mountain ranges. They were formed in the late Carboniferous period, when a continent consisting largely of Siberia collided with the supercontinent that contained much of the world's land at the time: the combination of Laurasia (Europe and North America) and Gondwana. Europe and Siberia have remained joined together ever since.

Geographers have divided the Urals into five regions: South, Middle, North, Subarctic and Arctic Urals.

The Urals have large deposits of gold, platinum, ore, coal, steel, nickel, and other minerals.

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Ural Mountains

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