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The University of Qatar (Arabic: جامعة قطر; transliterated: Jami'at Qatar) is a university in Qatar, located on the northern outskirts of the capital Doha. In 2002 there were 8,621 students, of whom 73% were female. Courses are taught in Arabic (in education, arts and social sciences courses) or English (in natural sciences, engineering and business courses).

[edit] History

The institution was established as the College of Education by a decree from the Emir of Qatar in 1973. It was expanded to become the University of Qatar in 1977, including four colleges: Education, Humanities & Social Sciences, Sharia & Law & Islamic Studies, and Science.

As of 2005 there are 5 colleges: College of Education, College of Arts and Sciences, College of Shariaa and Islamic Studies, College of Engineering, College of Law and College of Business & Economics.

[edit] Campus

The main campus has an area of some 8 km2. The university buildings have a distinctive design which is modern but reflects traditional Qatari architecture. Facilities are gender-separated, with separate lecture theatres, laboratories, etc.

The university also has an experimental farm 65km north of the city. Abd.K

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