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The University of East London (UEL) is a university in East London.

It is a new university which was granted university status in 1992. It was founded in 1970 as the North East London Polytechnic which later changed its name to the Polytechnic of East London.

Their vision is "To achieve recognition, both nationally and internationally, as a successful and inclusive regional university, proud of our diversity, committed to new modes of learning which focus on students and enhance their employability, and renowned for our contribution to social, cultural and economic development, especially through our research and scholarship."


[edit] Campuses

The university is located on three main campuses, all within East London. These are:

Major new campus buildings have been created in the period 1999-2006, particularly in the Docklands area. By the end of 2006, the university will consolidate all of the academic Schools together on two campuses, at Docklands and Stratford. Whilst the university will close its campus at Barking, it will be setting up a new lifelong learning facility in Barking town centre.

[edit] Famous alumni



  • Imran Khan - Solicitor to the Stephen Lawrence family
  • Mark Stephens - Senior Partner Finer Stephens Innocent; specialist in Media law

Business and Industry




[edit] History

It was formed from higher education colleges, including West Ham College of Technology (aka West Ham Technical Institute), in Stratford, and South East Essex Technical College, in Dagenham.

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