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Tudor usually relates to the Tudor period in English history, which refers to the period of time between 1485 and 1603 when the Tudor dynasty held the English throne.

Tudor may also refer to any of the following people of that ruling family:
  • The Tudor line of cars from the Ford Company are renowned in the world of vintage classics (DML).
  • Tudor is a brand of watches manufactured by Rolex.
  • The surname Tudor, within the UK, originates from the Welsh forename Tewdwr or Tudur. However, Tudor is also a common surname in Romania.
  • Tudor may also refer to any of the following people:
  • Tudor may also refer to the following place:
  • Finally Tudor refers to a Ford two door model, used since Ford Model T onwards. It is believed by some to originate from a spelling error by Henry Ford. Similar a 4 door model was designated Fordor.


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