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Trouw is a Dutch daily newspaper. Trouw is a Dutch word meaning "fidelity" (cognate of the English "trow"). Head editor is Frits van Exter and its circulation is estimated at 105,000 copies.

The Trouw was started during the second world war by members of the Dutch Protestant resistance. The newspaper was published irregularly during the war due to lack of paper. The Nazi occupying forces tried to stop publication by rounding up and imprisoning around twenty of the couriers. They issued an ultimatum to the leaders of Trouw; however, the editors did not give in and all of the captured couriers were executed.

In 2004 it changed its format from broadsheet to tabloid.

Today, Trouw is considered a high quality newspaper [citation needed] in the Netherlands and is a part of the PCM group, along with NRC Handelsblad and de Volkskrant.

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