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The Department of the Treasury, Canberra

The Australian Treasurer is the minister in the Government of Australia responsible for government expenditure and revenue raising. As such, the Treasurer is always a member of the Parliament of Australia with an elected seat in the Australian House of Representatives. In some other countries the equivalent role is the Minister for Finance, although Australia has a separate office of that name responsible for regulating government spending.

Each year in May, the Treasurer presents the Federal Budget to the House of Representatives. The Treasurer is a very senior government post. Traditionally the holder of this office is the Deputy Prime Minister or deputy leader of the political party. Being Treasurer is often seen by the Canberra Press Gallery and the public as a necessary stepping-stone to the Prime Ministership, however, only six Prime Ministers have served as Treasurer before ascending to higher office.

[edit] List of Australian Treasurers

Ordinal Treasurer Party Term
1. Sir George Turner Protectionist Party 19011904
2. Chris Watson Australian Labor Party 1904
Sir George Turner Protectionist Party 19041905
3. Sir John Forrest Protectionist Party 19051907
4. Sir William Lyne Protectionist Party 19071908
5. Andrew Fisher Australian Labor Party 19081909
Sir John Forrest Protectionist Party 19091910
Andrew Fisher Australian Labor Party 19101913
Sir John Forrest Commonwealth Liberal Party 19131914
Andrew Fisher Australian Labor Party 19141915
6. William Higgs Australian Labor Party 19151916
7. Alexander Poynton National Labor Party 19161917
Sir John Forrest Nationalist Party of Australia 19171918
8. William Watt Nationalist Party of Australia 19181920
9. Sir Joseph Cook Nationalist Party of Australia 19201921
10. Stanley Bruce Nationalist Party of Australia 19211923
11. Dr Earle Page Country Party 19231929
12. Ted Theodore Australian Labor Party 19291930
13. James Scullin Australian Labor Party 19301931
Ted Theodore Australian Labor Party 19311932
14. Joseph Lyons United Australia Party 19321935
15. Richard Casey United Australia Party 19351940
16. Robert Menzies United Australia Party 19401941
17. Percy Spender United Australia Party 1940
18. Arthur Fadden Country Party 19401941
19. Ben Chifley Australian Labor Party 19411949
Sir Arthur Fadden Country Party 19491958
20. Harold Holt Liberal Party of Australia 19581966
21. William McMahon Liberal Party of Australia 19661970
22. Leslie Bury Liberal Party of Australia 19701971
23. Billy Snedden Liberal Party of Australia 19711972
24. Gough Whitlam Australian Labor Party 1972
25. Frank Crean Australian Labor Party 19721974
26. Dr Jim Cairns Australian Labor Party 19741975
27. Bill Hayden Australian Labor Party 1975
28. Phillip Lynch Liberal Party of Australia 19751977
29. John Howard Liberal Party of Australia 19771983
30. Paul Keating Australian Labor Party 19831991
31. Bob Hawke Australian Labor Party 1991
32. John Kerin Australian Labor Party 1991
33. Ralph Willis Australian Labor Party 1991
34. John Dawkins Australian Labor Party 19911993
Ralph Willis Australian Labor Party 19931996
35. Peter Costello Liberal Party of Australia 1996

Treasurers Watson, Fisher, Scullin, Lyons, Menzies, Chifley, Whitlam and Hawke were also Prime Minister during some or all of their period as Treasurer.

Treasurer of Australia

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