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[edit] Public Transport

Qatar's only source of public transportation was some 3000 orange taxis. Each taxi was owned by a separate owner, and no company or private businesses were involved. As of January 2005, a new transportation company named "Karwa" has been operating. The company now has an estimated 1500 taxis roaming the streets of Qatar, and approximately 1000 more on the way. Karwa also supplies a line of 120 buses running through twelve routes, with a further 100 on the way. The consistency of Karwa has been under critisicm for a long time now, with people arguing there are not enough cars and buses for the public, with an estimated 30,000 people stranded without transport everyday.

[edit] Railways

0 km

[edit] Railway links with adjacent countries

[edit] Highways

total: 1,230 km
paved: 1,107 km
unpaved: 123 km (1996 est.)

[edit] Pipelines

crude oil 235 km; natural gas 400 km

[edit] Ports and harbours

[edit] Persian Gulf

[edit] Merchant marine

total: 24 ships (1,000 GRT or over) totaling 721,756 GRT/1,132,510 DWT
ships by type: cargo 10, combination ore/oil 2, container 7, petroleum tanker 5 (1999 est.)

[edit] Airports

4 (2006 est.) Doha's International Airport has recently gone under development costing over 1 billion US dollars. The development was completed in mid-2005, and the new Doha Aiport is set to be one of the largest in the world. With the first phase [terminal 1] set to be completed some time in 2008.

[edit] Airports - with paved runways

total: 2
over 3,047 m: 2 (1999 est.)

[edit] Airports - with unpaved runways

total: 2
914 to 1,523 m: 1
under 914 m: 1 (1999 est.)

[edit] Heliports

1 (1999 est.)

[edit] See also

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Transport in Qatar

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