Third Battle of Shipka Pass

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Third Battle of Shipka Pass
Part of the Russo-Turkish War, 1877–78
Date September 1317, 1877
Location Shipka Village, Bulgaria
Result Russian victory
Russia Ottoman Empire
Joseph Radetzky Suleiman Pasha
1,000  ?
Russo-Turkish War, 1877-1878
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Suleiman Pasha made a second attempt to retake Shipka Pass from the Russians after a failed attempt in August. The Russian defenses had continually been worked on since August but reinforcements were limited due to the siege of Pleven. On September 13 Suleiman began to bomb the Russians with artillery. The bombardment continued in earnest until the 17th when Suleiman launched a frontal assault against the St. Nicholas position. Capturing the first line of trenches the Turks moved towards the summit. General Joseph Radetzky, now commanding the defenses, brought up reinforcements to St. Nicholas and a Russian counterattack drove the Turks from all captured ground. Secondary Trukish assaults to the north were repulsed as well. This would be the last attempt the Turks made to retake Shipka Pass.

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