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The Encyclopedia of New York City is a comprehensive reference book on New York City. Historian and Columbia University professor Kenneth T. Jackson edited this work that combines informative and interesting information about New York City into one volume, published in 1995 by the New York Historical Society and Yale University Press.

The Encyclopedia covers topics which include the arts, architecture, demographics, education, environment, government and politics, media, popular culture, science, and transportation. It contains over 4,300 entries, including 680 illustrations, photographs, maps, charts and tables that combine statistics and public records that are often difficult to access. All entries are written by experts in their respective fields and provide bibliographic references to more in-depth sources.

A starting place to begin research on any city-related subject, the Encyclopedia also provides an entertaining read to anyone with even the slightest interest in New York City. The book captures the depth and breadth of the city's history and exhibits the cosmopolitan splendor of the diverse and vibrant city.

The updated Encyclopedia of New York City, 2nd edition is currently in progress and is scheduled for publication in 2008. To find out more about the Encyclopedia and to see what the new edition will include, visit their website.

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The Encyclopedia of New York City

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