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In some countries there are special days for teachers. Some of them are holidays while others are celebrated during working days.


[edit] Teachers' Days Celebrated in Working Days

[edit] Turkey

November 24th is the Teacher's Day (Turkish: Öğretmenler Günü) in Turkey. November 24th was dedicated to teachers by Kenan Evren since 1981. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk thought and stated that new generation will be created by teachers. (Turkish: "Öğretmenler yeni nesil sizin eseriniz olacaktır." - M. Kemal Atatürk) Atatürk was also considered as Prime Teacher (Turkish:Başöğretmen), because he adopted a new the alphabet for the newly founded Turkish Republic on 1923.

[edit] Malaysia

May 16th is Teacher's Day (Malay: Hari Guru) in Malaysia.

[edit] India

September 5th is Teacher's Day in India. It is the birthday of former Indian president and teacher Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan. When Dr. Radhakrishnan became the president of India in 1962, some of his students and friends approached him and requested him to allow them to celebrate 5th September, his birthday. In reply, Dr. Radhakrishnan said, "Instead of celebrating my birthday separately, it would be my proud privilege if September 5 is observed as Teachers' Day."

This is not a holiday in India. It is considered a "celebration" day, where teachers and students report to school as usual but the usual activities and classes are replaced by activities of celebration, thanking and remembrance. At some schools on this day, the responsibility of teaching is taken up by the senior students as an appreciation for their teachers.

Traditionally, people in India have given tremendous respect and honor to teachers. An old Indian saying (usually taught to children), ranks teacher in the third place, even before God: "Maata, Pitha, Guru, Daivam", meaning Mother, Father and Teacher is God. There is another saying in the form of a couplet (doha), which goes, "Guru Govind doou khare kake lagon paai? Balihari guru aap ki Govind deeo batai," Meaning "I am in a fix whom to salute first: the teacher or the God. I shall choose the teacher as he is the one who is instrumental in my knowing God." Further, a central piece in Hindu scripture reads "Guru Bramha, Guru Vishnu, Guru devo Maheshwaraha - Gurusakshath parabramha tasmai shree gurve namaha," which translates as "Teacher is the holy Trinity. Teacher is the manifestation of the lord himself."

[edit] Teachers' Day as National Holidays

[edit] Albania

In Albania, Teachers' Day is a non-official holiday on March 7, right before Mother's Day, which is on March 8 (see also Public holidays in Albania).

[edit] China

The Teachers' Day was firstly founded at National Central University in 1931. It's adopted by the central government of ROC in 1932, and in 1939 the day was set on September 28, which is Confucius's birthday. It was abrogated by PRC government in 1951 and reestablished in 1985, and the day was changed to September 10. Now more and more people are making effort to reverting the Teachers' Day back to Confucius's birthday.

[edit] Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, Teachers' Day (Den učitelů) is a non-official holiday, celebrated on March 28, birthday of Jan Ámos Komenský (Comenius). Children are expected to bring their teachers flowers. Public officials use this day to show appreciation to the profession (e.g. [1]) and reward best teachers.

[edit] Iran

The Iranian Teacher's Day is celebrated on May 2 (Ordi,behesht 12, in Iranian Calendar), commemorating the ai on May 2, 1980.

[edit] Latin America

The Latin American international Teachers' Day is on September 11, commemorating the death of Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, an Argentinian politician and respected educator. This establishment was agreed on during the Interamerican Conference on Education of 1943, held in Panama.

Many Latin American countries, however, have a separate national Teachers' Day better accorded with their own history. In Brazil, Teachers' Day (Dia do Professor) or Master Day (Dia do Mestre) is October 15. In Mexico, in September of 1917, the Federal Congress decreed May 15 as Teachers' Day (Día del Maestro). May 15, 1918 was the first celebration of this holiday in Mexico. In Peru, Teacher's Day is celebrated on July 6.

[edit] Poland

In Poland Teachers' Day (Dzień Nauczyciela), or National Education Day (Dzień Edukacji Narodowej) is on October 14. On this day the Komisja Edukacji Narodowej (Commission of National Education) was established in 1773.

Students traditionally bring their teachers flowers or buy them some other small presents. Sometimes there are special assemblies held at schools for all the students and staff where students officially thank all their teachers for their effort. If this day falls on a weekend day, then the celebration is held on the first school day (normal working day) after. Aside from the celebrations described, it is a normal school day.


[edit] Russia

In Russia Teachers' Day is on October 5th. Before 1994, this day was assigned to be the first Sunday of October.

[edit] Singapore

In Singapore, Teachers' Day is an official school holiday, celebrated on September 1st. Celebrations are normally conducted the day before, when students get half a day off.

[edit] Slovakia

In Slovakia, Teachers' Day (Deň učiteľov) is a non-official holiday, celebrated on March 28, birthday of Jan Ámos Komenský (Comenius).

[edit] South Korea

In South Korea the Teachers' Day (스승의 날) is on May 15. On this day, the teachers are usually presented with carnations by their students, and both enjoy a shorter school day. Ex-students pay their respects to the former teachers by visiting them and bringing gifts. Many schools nationwide are now closed on this day to commemorate the efforts of teachers.

[edit] Taiwan

In Taiwan, it is celebrated on September 28. The day honors teachers' virtues, pains, and also their contribution not only to their own students but also to the whole society. People often make use of the day to express their gratitude to their teachers, such as paying them a visit or sending them a card. This date was chosen to commemorate the birth of Confucius, believed to be the model master educator in ancient China.

In 1939, the Ministry of Education established the national holiday to be August 27, the attributed birthday of Confucius. In 1952, the Executive Yuan changed it to September, stating that it was calculated to be the precise date in the Gregorian calendar.

The festival celebration occurs in the temples of Confucius around the island, known as the "Grand Ceremony Dedicated to Confucius" (祭孔大典). The ceremony begins at 6 AM with drum beats. 54 musicians dress in robes with blue belts, 36 (or 64) dancers dress in yellow with green belts. They are led by Confucius's chief descendant (currently Kung Te-cheng) and followed by ceremonial officers. Three animals -- the cow, the goat, and the pig -- are sacrificed. The hairs plucked from these sacrificed animals are called the Hairs of Wisdom.

In addition, local education institutes and civil offices award certain teachers for their excellence and positive influence.

[edit] Thailand

January 16 was adopted as Teachers' Day in the Thailand by a resolution of the government on November 21, 1956. The first Teachers' Day was held in 1957.

[edit] USA

In the United States, Teachers' Day is a non-official holiday on the Tuesday of the first full week of May.

The National Education Association (NEA) describes National Teacher Day as "a day for honoring teachers and recognizing the lasting contributions they make to our lives" [2].

The NEA gives a history of National Teacher Day:

The origins of Teacher Day are murky. Around 1944 Arkansas teacher Mattye Whyte Woodridge began corresponding with political and education leaders about the need for a national day to honor teachers. Woodbridge wrote to Eleanor Roosevelt who in 1953 persuaded the 81st Congress to proclaim a National Teacher Day.
NEA along with its Kansas and Indiana state affiliates and the Dodge City (Kan. ) local lobbied Congress to create a national day celebrating teachers. Congress declared March 7, 1980, as National Teacher Day for that year only.
NEA and its affiliates continued to observe Teacher Day on the first Tuesday in March until 1985, when the National PTA established Teacher Appreciation Week as the first full week of May. The NEA Representative Assembly then voted to make the Tuesday of that week National Teacher Day. [3]

As of September 7 of 1976, September 11 was also adopted as Teachers' Day in the U.S. state of Massachusetts.

[edit] Vietnam

In Vietnam, Ngày nhà giáo Việt Nam (Vietnamese Educators' Day) falls on November 20. On that day, students get the day off from school, but are expected to visit their current and former teachers at their homes and bring flowers to show their appreciation.

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Teacher’s day is an important celebration of VietNamese Education. It on 20th,NOV Because every student want to express their respect to their teacher . About one week bore teacher’s day , students began to prepare for teacher’s day . Every class usually prepare some literature and arts item so welcome teacher’s day . Other students are prepare foods and flowers in the party at their school .On the teacher’s day , which is celebrated on November 20th . On the day, students usually visit to their teacher . they will offer flowers and small gift to their teacher or they organize a trip with their teacher and their classmate . And students is old age even they got married , visit to their old teacher . Not only students but also every body want to express their gratefulness to their teacher .

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Teachers' Day

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