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Tansu Çiller (IPA: /ˈtɑn.su.ˈtʃil.lɛɹ/ (born 9 October 1946) is an economist and politician in Turkey. She was Turkey's first female prime minister.

She was born in Istanbul and graduated from the School of Economics at the Bosphorus University after finishing the American high school, the Robert College of Istanbul. Çiller received her Ph.D. from the University of Connecticut and completed later on her postdoctoral studies at Yale University. In 1978, she became a lecturer and in 1983 a professor.

After teaching at several universities as a professor, she entered politics in November 1990 joining the True Path Party. She was first elected to parliament in 1991 as deputy of Istanbul and served as Minister of State in charge of economics in the coalition government of Suleyman Demirel. On June 13, 1993, she became party leader and then prime minister of a coalition government. The withdrawal of the Republican People's Party from coalition in 1996 brought down her government.

After the election defeat in November 2002, she retired from political life.

She is married to Özer Çiller and they have two children.

Preceded by:
Süleyman Demirel
Leader </br> of the True Path Party
Succeeded by:
Mehmet Ağar
Preceded by:
Süleyman Demirel
Prime Minister of Turkey
Succeeded by:
Mesut Yılmaz
Preceded by:
Emre Gönensay
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey
Succeeded by:
İsmail Cem

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Tansu Çiller

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