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Zhu Quanzhong 朱全忠, originally named Zhu Wen 朱温 (852-912), was a jiedushi (節度使, military governor) at the end of the Tang dynasty. He served as a general under Huang Chao and overthrew the Tang dynasty in 907 to established the Later Liang Dynasty and ushered in the era of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms.


[edit] Early Career

Zhu Wen was the most powerful warlord at the time in North China. Originally a member of Huang Chao's rebel army, he surrendered to the Tang Dynasty and was crucial in suppressing the rebellion. For this he was given the title of Xuanwu Jiedushi and was promoted to Liang Wang in 901.

[edit] Founding of the Later Liang Dynasty

Main article: Later Liang Dynasty

Within a few years he had consolidated his power by destroying his neighbours, and was able to force a move of the imperial capital to Luoyang (modern Luoyang, Henan province), within his power base. In 904 he had Emperor Zhaozong, along with most of his family, killed and installed Zhaozong's 13-year-old son on the throne as a puppet ruler. Three years later, in 907, he executed the remaining few ministers still loyal to the imperial Li family and induced the boy emperor to abdicate in his favour. He then proclaimed the founding of the Later Liang Dynasty, with himself as emperor. The last Tang Emperor was ordered murdered by Zhu in 908.

[edit] Extant of Conquests

Zhu was able to conquer much of northern China, but most of Shaanxi, Shanxi, and Hebei remained outside his reach, controlled by the Qi State, Shatuo Turks, and Yan State respectively.

He was not able to make any inroads into the south, which came to be controlled by about a dozen different states over the next few decades during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Period.

[edit] Death

Zhu Wen's reign lasted till 912 when he was murdered by his son Zhu Yougui(朱友珪). He was subsequently defeated by his brother,Zhu Youzhen 朱友貞,the next year. His dynasty would last until 923.de:Zhu Wen es:Zhu Wen fr:Zhu Wen ko:후량 태조 id:Zhu Quanzhong ja:朱全忠 zh:朱全忠

Taizu of Later Liang

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