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Image:TVOne NZ Logo 2005.JPG

Launched: June 1,1960
Audience Share: 68.5% (free to air),
58% (total market) (2006 AGB Nielsen)
Ownership: TVNZ
Former Names: NZBC TV
Analogue: UHF and VHFchannels
SKY Network Television: Channel 1

TV ONE is a free to air New Zealand television channel run by TVNZ. It is primarily targeted at a more mature audience, with a broad range of programming including ONE News and Current Affairs and ONE Sport. The channel screens much of New Zealand's major sporting events such as the Olympics, the Commonwealth Games and America's Cup.

TV ONE features a full entertainment schedule that includes both homegrown and international shows that New Zealanders have grown up with such as Coronation Street, through to a range of award winning documentaries, drama and comedy.


[edit] History

On 1 April 1975, the NZBC was split into 3 separate state owned corporations; Television One, Television Two and Radio New Zealand. The Avalon Television Centre in Wellington opened that day and became the headquarters of TV One. WNTV1 and DNTV2 studios were used for TV One, while AKTV2 and CHTV3 studios were used for TV2, which commenced later that year. In 1980 the two television channels merged to form Television New Zealand, with the purpose of finally providing a dividend to the Government. The merger was promised to provide 'complementary programming' for both channels.

[edit] Programming

ONE News and Current Affairs programming takes up a large amount of the weekly schedule including Breakfast, Midday, ONE News, Close Up and Tonight.

Some local and international shows include:

New Zealand made shows:

British import shows (prominent for this network):

American import shows:

Some former hit shows include:

[edit] Logos

TV One has only used one main logo throughout its history.

[edit] See also

For a more extensive list of New Zealand made programmes screened on all TVNZ television channels, see List of TVNZ television programming.

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