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Sydney Tower (also known as the AMP Tower, AMP Centrepoint Tower, Centrepoint Tower or just Centrepoint) is Sydney's tallest free-standing structure, and the second tallest in Australia (with the Q1 building on the Gold Coast being the tallest). It is also the second tallest observation tower in the Southern Hemisphere (after Auckland, New Zealand's Sky Tower); though Sydney Tower's main observation deck is almost 50 metres higher than that of Auckland's Sky Tower.

The tower stands 305 metres above the central business district, it is located at 100 Market Street, between Pitt and Castlereagh Streets, accessible from the Pitt Street Mall, and sits upon Centrepoint (to which the tower is often referred), an office building and shopping centre. The tower is open to the public, and is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in the city, being visible from a number of vantage points throughout town and from adjoining suburbs.


[edit] History

Image:SydneyAMPTower gobeirne.jpg
The top of Sydney Tower viewed from Hyde Park.

Construction of the office building commenced in 1970, and tower construction began in 1975. Public access to the tower began in September 1981. The total cost of construction was A$36 million.

[edit] Sections

Three sections of the tower are open to public access:

  • The observation deck at 250 metres above ground level; a fully-enclosed viewing platform featuring 360 degree views of the city and surrounds. This floor also features a small gift shop, a readout displaying data on the conditions of the tower (wind speed, direction and sway amplitude).
  • Skywalk platform at 260 metres above ground level; an open-air viewing platform only accessible as part of planned and booked tours.
  • Two revolving restaurants, one à la carte and one buffet.

[edit] Artistic and cultural use

Leading up to the Sydney 2000 Olympics, the tower was decorated with sculptures of athletes, which were positioned above the main body of the tower and in some cases overhung the edges. These sculptures were removed in 2003 and relocated to the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra<ref>(June 18, 2003). New Home for Athletes of steel. Minister for the Arts and Sport. URL accessed 14-10-06.</ref>. The figures were placed atop the tower using an Erickson S-64 Aircrane heavy lift helicopter known as "Elvis".

On several occasions, the tower has been used to launch fireworks or it has been illuminated with coloured lights as part of various celebrations in Sydney, such as New Years Eve or during the Olympics in 2000.

Every year, the Sydney Tower Run-up comprises the challenge of running up the stairs inside the tower as quickly as possible.

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