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The University of Sudan for Science and Technology, or SUST, is one of the main universities in Khartoum, Sudan. It has the latest and most modern facilities to insure a suitable atmosphere for its students.


[edit] History of the University

The history of SUST goes back to Khartoum Technical School and School of Commerce, then School of Radiology (1932), School of Arts (1946), Khartoum Technical Institute (1950), Shambat Institute of Agriculture (1954), Institute of Music & Drama and the Higher Institute of Physical Education (1969). The substantial turning point was the inception of Khartoum Polytechnic in 1975, which was upgraded to Sudan University of Science & Technology in 1990, forming the largest institution of technology in Sudan. The University has increased tenfold over the past fifteen years in terms of programs and number of students.

SUST specializations range from engineering, business, agriculture, veterinary medicine, education, science, languages, radiology, laboratory, water technology and forestry to creative specializations like fine and applied arts, music, drama, physical and sports education. SUST's scientific contribution was crowned with introduction of new fields such as computer and communication sciences.

[edit] Colleges and Departments

  • The College of Graduate Studies
  • The College of Engineering
  • The College of Technology and Human Development
  • The College of Business Studies
  • The College of Agricultural Studies
  • The College of Education
  • The College of Science
  • The College of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Production
  • The College of Fine and Applied Arts
  • The College of Computer Science and Information Technology
  • The College of Languages
  • The College of Medical Laboratory Science
  • The College of Music and Drama
  • The College of Forestry and Range Science
  • The College of Medical Radiologic Sciences
  • The College of Physical Education
  • The College of Water Science and Technology
  • The College of Petroleum Engineering and Technology
  • The College of Communications
  • The College of Physics Laboratories

[edit] Institutes

  • Institute of Laser
  • Distance Education Center
  • Computer Center (CC)
  • Institute for Women and Child Health and Development

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Sudan University of Science and Technology

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