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Darfur conflict
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Government - Janjaweed
International response
History of Darfur
Not to be confused with Sudan People's Liberation Army/Movement (SPLA/M) operating in Southern Sudan.

The Sudan Liberation Movement/Army or Haraka Tahrir Sudan (abbreviated as either SLM or SLA) is a loose association of Sudanese rebel groups who fought against the Janjaweed Arab militiamen and Sudanese government forces in the Darfur conflict. It has largely divided into factions. The leader of the largest faction is Minni Minnawi and is now allied with the government. Other leaders of factions that continue fighting the government include Ahmed Abdulshafi Bassey.

The Sudan Liberation Movement was known as the Darfur Liberation Front for a brief period of time after its emergence in February 2003. While the Darfur Liberation Front maintained a secessionist position, however, the Sudan Liberation Movement claims to have no secessionist intentions, and instead aims to overthrow the Khartoum regime and "create a united, democratic Sudan."

On January 20, 2006, SLM declared a merger with the Justice and Equality Movement to form the Alliance of Revolutionary Forces of West Sudan. However, by May of that year, the SLM and JEM were again negotiating as separate entities.

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