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Administrative division is a generic term for an administrative region within a country — on an arbitrary level below that of the sovereign state — typically with a local government encompassing multiple municipalities, counties, or provinces with a certain degree of autonomy.

Administrative divisions in a narrow sense could also refer to administrative entities in Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, Myamar and formerly Pakistan and British India. See Division (country subdivision). While division alone could also refer to military units, the qualifier "administrative" brings it into another context.

In contexts of statistical ranking and comparability, the term statoid is sometimes used.

Administrative divisions are conceptually separate from dependent areas, in that the former are included in the core or mainland of the respective state.

Administrative divisions are distinguished from political divisions, as the former are entirely contained within a sovereign state.


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See: List of terms for country subdivisions

Translation into English sometimes is difficult.

[edit] Compare:

  • Country (a national or supra-national entity)
  • Empire (a supra-national entity)
  • State (a national or supra-national entity)

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