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Stability can refer to:

  • Ecological stability, measure of the probability of a population returning quickly to a previous state, or not going extinct
  • Instantaneous stability, or intact stability, a measure of how a vessel's buoyancy is distributed
  • Directional stability, or the tendency for a body moving with respect to a medium to point in the direction of motion. In the context of arrows, darts, rockets and missiles this is also known as 'weathercock stability'. The term 'stability' applied to aircraft generally refers to this type of stability.
  • Social stability, lack of civil unrest in a society
  • Numerical stability, a property of numerical algorithms which describes how errors in the input data propagate through the algorithm
  • Stability theory, the study of the stability of solutions to differential equations and dynamical systems
  • Stability radius, a property of continuous polynomial functions
  • Stability (probability), a property of probability distributions
  • Plasma stability, a measure of how likely a perturbation in a plasma is to be damped out
  • BIBO stability (Bounded Input, Bounded Output stability), in signal processing and control theory, part of electrical engineering
  • The Stability E.P., a 2002 three song EP by Death Cab for Cutie

Another form of the word, the adjective stable:

  • Stable isotopes, chemical isotopes that are not radioactive
  • Stable polynomial, a polynomial whose roots all lie in the open left half-plane or whose roots all lie in the open unit disk

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