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St. Bonaventure's Roman Catholic Comprehensive School is located in Forest Gate, East London, United Kingdom, and is a voluntary-aided Catholic comprehensive secondary school for boys aged 11-18. The school has a large joint sixth form with its local sister school, St. Angela's, which also takes in a certain amount of students from local neighbouring schools wishing to continue their education post-16.


[edit] Background

The school is led by current headmaster Stephen Foster and has had Science College status since September 2004. The majority of pupils, although Catholic, are from ethnic minorities which represent the socio-economically deprived local area. In 2006, the school officially became a language college, meaning that all pupils are entered for a GCSE in modern languages. Being a Catholic school, all pupils are also entered for a GCSE in religious studies. Also in 2006, media studies became part of their GCSE option choices for the first time.

[edit] History

It was founded in the late 19th Century by Franciscan monks based in the St. Antony's area of Forest Gate.

[edit] Notable alumni

Distinguished old boys include:

  • Jermain Defoe, born 1982, Tottenham and England footballer
  • Plan B - English Rapper
  • Victor Ebuwa - Contestant on big brother 5
  • Terry Morrison -- musician and comic actor (attended 1966-74)
  • Timothy Campbell - Winner of "The Apprentice" 2005

[edit] Noted teachers

Notable teachers who have taught at the school or are currently teaching include:

  • Mr Stephen Foster, Headmaster, 2003 - present
  • Sir Michael Wilshaw, Headmaster, 1985 - 2003
  • Mrs Veronica Carroll, Assistant headteacher, 1973 - 2003
  • Mr Luke Young, business studies teacher, 1945 - present
  • Mr Joe Anglim, religious studies teacher, 1926 - 2005
  • Mr Reza Kouchak, mathematics teacher, 1987 - present
  • Mr John Skelton, Head Of Year
  • Mr Phil Lee, Head of PE & Head of Year
  • Mr Stuart Dennis, citrep teacher, 1987 - 2002
  • Mr John Vincent, Mathematics teacher and head of lower school
  • Mr Owen Craddy, Headmaster, 1974-1985
  • Ms Emma Baker, modern languages teacher, 2004 - present
  • Mr Anthony Odle, Design & Technology teacher
  • Ms Katy McGurk, Design & Technology teacher
  • Mr Shekhar Mahabir, Gifted & Talented co-ordinator
  • Ms Claire Gibson, Head of English department
  • Mr Anthony ("George") Saunders (Geography 1957 - 1985)

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