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The South American Games (a.k.a. ODESUR Games; Spanish: Juegos Sudamericanos; Portuguese: Jogos Sul-Americanos), formerly the Southern Cross Games (Spanish: Juegos Cruz del Sur) are a regional multi-sport event held between nations from South America, organized by the South American Sports Organization (Organización Deportiva Sudamericana, ODESUR).

The first Games were held in 1978 in La Paz, Bolivia. They have since been held every four years, with the next edition to be in Medellín, Colombia in November 2010. The Games have had an equivalent to the Olympic Flame since their inception: the South American Flame, which is relayed from Tiahuanaco, Bolivia, to the host city.


[edit] Games

Year Games Host City Country Dates Athletes Nations Sports Top Medalling
1978 I La Paz Image:Flag of Bolivia.svg Bolivia 3 November - 12 November 480 8 16 Image:Flag of Argentina.svg Argentina
1982 II Rosario Image:Flag of Argentina.svg Argentina 26 November - 5 December 961 10 19 Image:Flag of Argentina.svg Argentina
1986 III Santiago Image:Flag of Chile (bordered).svg Chile 28 November - 8 December 969 10 17 Image:Flag of Argentina.svg Argentina
1990 IV Lima Image:Flag of Peru.svg Peru 1 December - 10 December 1,070 10 16 Image:Flag of Argentina.svg Argentina
1994 V Valencia Image:Flag of Venezuela.svg Venezuela 19 November - 28 November 1,599 14 19 Image:Flag of Argentina.svg Argentina
1998 VI Cuenca Image:Flag of Ecuador.svg Ecuador 21 October - 31 October 1,525 14 24 Image:Flag of Argentina.svg Argentina
2002 VII Rio de Janeiro,
São Paulo,
Curitiba and
Image:Flag of Brazil.svg Brazil 1 August - 11 August 2,069 13 24 Image:Flag of Brazil.svg Brazil
2006 VIII Buenos Aires Image:Flag of Argentina.svg Argentina 9 November - 19 November 15 28 Image:Flag of Argentina.svg Argentina
2010 IX Medellín Image:Flag of Colombia.svg Colombia

[edit] All-time medal count

The total medal count for all the Games until 2006 is tabulated below. This table is sorted by the number of gold medals earned by each country. The number of silver medals is taken into consideration next, and then the number of bronze medals.

South American Games Medal Count
Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1Image:Flag of Argentina.svg Argentina7425685011811
2Image:Flag of Brazil.svg Brazil4063553131074
3Image:Flag of Venezuela.svg Venezuela356293285934
4Image:Flag of Chile (bordered).svg Chile264337375976
5Image:Flag of Colombia.svg Colombia212176161549
6Image:Flag of Peru.svg Peru140210270620
7Image:Flag of Ecuador.svg Ecuador133184225542
8Image:Flag of Uruguay.svg Uruguay5993120272
9Image:Flag of Bolivia.svg Bolivia2968129226
10Image:Flag of Paraguay.svg Paraguay9224172
11Image:Flag of Panama (bordered).svg Panama7111432
12Image:Flag of the Netherlands Antilles.svg Netherlands Antilles671427
13Image:Flag of Suriname.svg Suriname63514
14Image:Flag of Guyana.svg Guyana12710
15Image:Flag of Aruba.svg Aruba021012

[edit] Sports

The 1998 sports are not readily available.

Sport or Discipline 78 82 82 90 94 98 02 06
Archery X XX
Artistic Gymnastics XXXX
Athletics (track and field) XXXXX XX
Aquatics<ref>Swimming and synchronized swimming. Note that swimming is considered a separate sport in some editions.</ref> X X
Baseball XX XX
Basketball XX
Bocce X
Bowling XXX XX
Canoe/Kayak X XX
Cycling XXXXX XX
Equestrianism X X
Fencing XXXXX XX
Field hockey X
Football (soccer) XXX X
Futsal XX
Golf X
Gymnastics<ref>Includes artistic gymnastics, considered a separate sport in other editions.</ref> X XX
Handball XX
Karate X XX
Rowing XX XX
Rugby X
Sailing XXX XX
Shooting XXXXX XX
Skating<ref>Figure skating and speed skating.</ref> X XX
Softball X
Swimming XX XX X
Table tennis X XX XX
Taekwondo XXX XX
Triathlon XX
Volleyball XX
Water skiing X
Weightlifting XXXXX XX
Wrestling XXXXX XX

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