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Solar Sports or the Solar Sports Network is a Philippine sports channel owned by Solar Entertainment Corporation. The channel was launched in 2002 and is available for SkyCable and various small-time cable subscribers. It is also available through premium service on Global Destiny Cable.


[edit] Programming

The channel is known for showing sports that are familiar to the Filipinos. It's main programming are the NBA games, which are shown either a game or a doubleheader each day during the season. Other NBA programming includes shows produced by NBA TV, such as the NBA's Greatest Games and WNBA games during the league's offseason.

It also shows boxing matches such as the one's from the promotions of Bob Arum, Don King and most recently, Oscar de la Hoya's Golden Boy Promotions. From 2002-2006, Solar Sports would cover the fights of Manny Pacquiao, until Pacquiao signed with ABS-CBN for the rights to cover his fights.

Other sports include Volleyball and Badminton, such as the JVC Badminton tournament and the first-ever Manny V. Pangilinan Badminton Tournament, pitting players from Asia and Europe, in 2005.

The network also launched the Solar Sports Desk, a late-evening sports news program, similar to those US famed sports programs such ESPN SportsCenter.

[edit] Programs

[edit] Criticisms

The channel has been criticized by Filipino viewers for its coverage of NBA games since it was launched in 2002, as most games were shown on delayed basis instead of live coverage.

Viewers also criticized the amount of commercials during boxing matches, especially during fights of Pacquiao. The channel responded by launching a Pay-per-View service of every Pacquiao match, or at times a Filipino boxer.

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