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Softcore is a form of pornography that is less explicit than hardcore material in depicting or describing sexual behaviour. Generally softcore does not depict explicit sexual contact but may include nudity and simulation of intercourse.

While both softcore and hardcore feature sexual situations with the intention of arousing the viewer, the key difference is that softcore does not clearly show any of the following hardcore elements: aroused genitalia (including masturbation), ejaculation, or penetration (vaginal, anal and/or oral). Some softcore, especially in recent years however, are more explicit in that male and female genitalia are shown on screen. Also, some portray contact with female genitals, either oral or digital. (e.g., Femalien, Sassy Sue, Sexual Magic, Hollywood Sex Fantasy, The Key to Sex). In milder forms of softcore pornography, the characters may still appear technically clothed. See non-nude pornography.

[edit] Examples

Examples of American softcore video include the television series Red Shoe Diaries and most of the films featuring Shannon Tweed, Amber Michaels, Pamela Anderson, Carmen Electra or Krista Allen.

Examples of American softcore photography include Playboy.

[edit] See also

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