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The Social Democratic Front (French: Front Social-Démocratique) is the main opposition party of Cameroon. It is led by Ni John Fru Ndi and receives significant support from the Anglophone regions of the western part of the country.

It was formed in 1990 as an opposition to the Cameroon People's Democratic Movement. Fru Ndi stood as a presidential candidate in 1992, and the party believes he was denied victory "at gunpoint." He has now been largely criticized in the national press for moving residence to Yaounde. At the last legislative elections, 30 June and 15 September 2002, the party won 22 out of 180 seats in the Cameroon National Assembly. At the presidential elections, 11 October 2004, its candidate, Ni John Fru Ndi, won 17.4 % of the vote.

The party is a member of the Socialist International.

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Social Democratic Front

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