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Sobaka magazine was an avant-garde periodical that examined and reviewed events in Third World countries that usually did not get the attention of the mainline press. Countries covered include Haiti, successor states of the Soviet Union in Asia, states in the Caucasus, and states in the Middle East. Cali Ruchala is the cofounder, editor, and columnist of the magazine and said this about it:

"If there's anything I've tried to illustrate with Sobaka, anything I've hoped to hammer into the heads of everyone within a mile radius of our paper abode, it's to believe nothing you don't see with your own two eyes - and to make an effort to see as much as possible.<ref>Quote about Sobaka</ref>

During its life, the magazine published 17 issues between 1998 - 2006.

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"Sobaka" means "hound" or "dog" in Russian.

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