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Sloane Square is a small hard-landscaped square on the boundaries of the fashionable London districts of Belgravia and Chelsea. It is named after Sir Hans Sloane, (1660–1753). The square is located 1.7 miles (2.8 km) south west of Charing Cross.

The square lies at the east end of the trendy King's Road and at the south end of the more conventionally smart Sloane Street. In the early 1980s, it lent its name to the "Sloane Rangers", the young underemployed and ostentatiously well-off members of the upper classes. The Square has two notable buildings: Peter Jones department store and the Royal Court Theatre. The River Westbourne is carried over the tube station in a large iron pipe.

Sloane Square was mentioned in the 1988 Morrissey song, "Hairdresser on Fire".

As of early 2005 it is proposed to improve the square. This will involve changing the road layout to make it more pedestrian friendly. One option is to create a central crossroads and two open spaces in front of Peter Jones and the Royal Court.

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