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Japanese man wearing shorts.

Shorts are a garment worn by both men and women over their pelvic area and the upper part of the upper legs or more, sometimes extending as far as mid-calf, but not covering the entire length of the leg, either as outer or undergarment. They are called "shorts" because they are a shortened version of trousers (as they are called in British English, or pants in American English) which cover the entire leg.

There are multiple types of shorts:

  • Boxer shorts: Shorts mainly used as male underwear
  • Track shorts: Shorts that reach only the upper thigh and are intended to provide maximum freedom of movement in sports activities.
  • Walking shorts: Shorts with a long pant length reaching to the knees which is intended for casual wear in warm weather. Usually has pockets and waist loops for a belt and is worn with or without that.
  • Cut-offs: Homemade shorts made by cutting the legs off trousers, typically jeans, above the knee. The cut is not finished and the fabric is left to fray. Originally a practical use of trousers whose knees have worn through, they are now a type of shorts in their own right. Extremely short, form-fitting denim cut-offs are sometimes known as "Daisy Dukes", in reference to Catherine Bach's character of that name from the American television show The Dukes of Hazzard. The word also applies when they serve as swimsuit.
  • Hotpants: Commonly known as "short shorts" and are primarily worn by women. These are short, tight shorts, and are usually made out of cotton, nylon, or some other common material. They are meant to emphasize the buttocks and the legs. Hotpants are sometimes worn with dark tights and knee-length boots to create an edgy sexy look. Hotpants were very popular in the early 1970s. They declined in popularity during the eighties, but the Spice Girls, especially Ginger Spice and Scary Spice, revived the fashion in the 1990s. On the animated comedy "The Simpsons" (episode 3F24, air date January 5, 1997), Homer causes a cargo ship full of hot pants to run aground near Springfield. Residents cheer as all the hotpants wash ashore.
  • "Bun huggers": Short, tight, athletic shorts also known as "racing briefs", commonly made from spandex and/or nylon. These shorts are compulsory for girls and women in some schools and for some adult athletic events such as volleyball. It is claimed that their tight fit and the fact that they barely go down past the "buns" give wearers an unhindered range of motion that is necessary in sports such as volleyball. However, the figure-hugging nature of these shorts makes some wearers feel uncomfortable, and making them compulsory for women has been described as "venturing into the arena of athlete exploitation". [1]
    "Bun huggers" for men also exist. These resemble a figure-hugging type of boxer shorts.
  • "Skorts": Shorts that have a piece of fabric in front so that from the front it resembles a skirt. It is a portmanteau of "skirt" and "shorts".
  • "Zip-off shorts": A pair of long pants that zip off at the knee, allowing the wearer to change from pants to shorts as the weather changes.
  • Board shorts: A combination of shorts and a bathing suit, worn by men, which have recently gained in popularity. Board shorts are manufactured by such companies as Billabong, Quiksilver, and Old Navy. The shorts are made of a bathing-suit like material that can get wet, and target a beach-going demographic (the "board" refers to surfboards and skimboards, although many wakeboarders also wear them).
  • Three quarter pants: A name used to refer to other types of shorts such as Shants or Shankles (see below).
  • "Capris": Shorts that reach below the knee.
  • Baggies: Lose fitting shorts which reach the knees. These were the standard shorts worn by English football teams before World War II. West Bromwich Albion FC are nicked named the Baggies because their team used to wear particularly baggy shorts. During the late 1990s this type of shorts had a short revival in popularity among some Premier league teams in England.
  • Cycling shorts: Special shorts designed for athletic use, originally in cycling.
The popularized "hot pants" by wearing very short denim shorts, or a pair of jorts.
  • Bermuda shorts: A knee-length shorts commonly worn in Bermuda as business attire, or largely any style less than formal or black-tie[2]. The style has also been adopted exclusively as a casual style in other locales.
  • Cargo shorts: Typically khaki shorts with cargo pockets, similar to cargo pants, except they are around knee-length.
  • Boyshorts: Similar to boxer briefs, but for females.
  • Short shorts: As the name suggests, shorther shorts.
  • Jorts: Jean

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