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Image:NSRW Africa Shilluk.png
Shilluk portrait circa 1914
The Shilluk are a major Nilotic ethnic group of southern Sudan, living on the west bank of the Nile around the city of Malakal. They are the third largest minority ethnic group of South Sudan, after the Dinka and their neighbors the Nuer. They are led by a king (reth) considered divine, who traces his lineage back to the culture hero Nyikang, and whose health is believed to affect that of the nation; . Their society was fairly hierarchical, with castes of royals, nobles, commoners, and slaves. Like most Nilotic groups, cattle-raising formed a large part of their economy; however, agriculture and fishing were more significant than usual, and most were sedentary. Most Shilluk have converted to Christianity, while some still follow the traditional religion. The Shilluk stayed on the sidelines for most of the Second Sudanese Civil War, but were engulfed in fighting during 2004.

Their language, the Shilluk language, belongs to the Luo branch of the Western Nilotic subfamily of Nilo-Saharan.

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