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Sherrington is a village and parish in the County of Wiltshire, in the south west of England.


[edit] Location

The village lies in the Wylye Valley, near Codford and Salisbury Plain. Its closest towns are Warminster in Wiltshire and the city of Salisbury.

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[edit] Features

Near the centre of the village is the Anglican parish church and a large mill pond.

[edit] Local government

Most local government services are provided by Wiltshire County Council and West Wiltshire District Council, both of whom have their offices in Trowbridge, some twelve miles to the north. With fewer than one hundred residents, Sherrington is unusual in having no elected parish council, and instead has a Parish Meeting at which all electors may attend and vote.

The village is represented in Parliament by the MP for Westbury, Andrew Murrison. Its representative in Wiltshire County Council is Andrew Davis, while the district councillor is Christopher Newbury.

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