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A former PNC logo. Note the SM next to the logo and slogan
For use of service marks within Wikipedia, see Wikipedia:Manual of Style (trademarks).

In some countries, notably the United States, a trademark used to identify a service rather than a product is called a service mark (SM), for example <math>TravelService^{SM}</math>.

Under the U.S. law, service marks have a different standard of use in order to count as a use in commerce, which is necessary to complete registration and to stop infringement by competitors. A trademark normally needs to be used on or directly in association with the sale of goods, such as on a store display. As services are not defined by a concrete product, use of a service mark in advertisements is instead accepted as a use in commerce.

The service mark symbol (℠) is found in Unicode at U+2120. The HTML entity for this symbol is thus &#x2120; or &#8480;.

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Service mark

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