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A sentinel usually refers to a sentry or guard, sometimes a statue that guards a particular place, person or item, as well as an Honour guard.

Sentinel may also refer to:


[edit] Nonfiction=

[edit] Literature

[edit] Art

[edit] Firms

[edit] Transportation

[edit] Military

  • AC1 Sentinel, an Australian-built World War II Cruiser Tank
  • MPQ-64 Sentinel, a three-dimensional radar used by the United States Army and United States Marine Corps
  • Raytheon Sentinel, an aircraft used by the Royal Air Force and British Army

[edit] Gaming and Computers

[edit] Places

[edit] Music

[edit] Fiction:

[edit] Comic Books

  • Sentinel (comics), a group of mutant-hunting robots in the Marvel universe
  • Sentinel (comic), a Marvel comic book series written by Sean McKeever
  • Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern, who uses the codename "Sentinel"
  • Gundam Sentinel, a Gundam manga set towards the end of the Gryps Conflict

[edit] Television and Film

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