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This article is about various offices in the government of the United Kingdom. For the American cabinet post, see United States Secretary of the Treasury.

In the United Kingdom, there are at least five Secretaries to the Treasury, officials officially acting as secretaries to the Treasury board. The origins of the office are unclear, although it probably originated during Lord Burghley's tenure as Lord Treasurer in the 16th century. The number of secretaries was expanded to two by 1714 at the latest.

One of the present-day secretaries, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasury, commonly known as the Patronage Secretary, is the Government Chief Whip in the House of Commons, and another, the Permanent Secretary to the Treasury, is not a minister but a senior civil servant.

The remaining three secretaries, while of relatively modern origin, actually attend to Treasury business. The Chief Secretary to the Treasury is probably the most direct descendant of the earliest single Secretary – unlike the others, the Chief Secretary is often of Cabinet rank. The position is one of the more recent, having been created in 1961. The Chief Secretary is followed, in order of precedence at the Treasury, by the Financial Secretary to the Treasury and the Economic Secretary to the Treasury.

Phillip Oppenheim was briefly Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury from 1996 to 1997, although that office has not been seen before or since.

The other, more senior, Treasury ministers are the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Paymaster General. From time to time, generally when a minister from a government department other than the Treasury is Paymaster General, there has been a Treasury Minister of State.


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