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The Secretary of State for Scotland (Rùnaire Stàite na h-Alba in Scottish Gaelic) is the chief minister in the government of the United Kingdom with responsibilites for Scotland, at the head of the Scotland Office (formerly The Scottish Office). The post was created soon after the Union of the Crowns, but was abolished in 1746, following the Jacobite rebellion. Scottish affairs thereafter were managed by the Lord Advocate until 1827, when responsibility passed to the Home Office.

In 1885 the post of Secretary for Scotland was re-created, with the incumbent usually (though not always) in the Cabinet. In 1926 this post was upgraded to a full Secretary of State appointment.

The 1999 Scottish devolution has meant The Scottish Office's powers were divided, with most transferred to the new Scottish Executive or to other UK Government Departments, leaving only limited role for the new Scotland Office. Consequently the role of Secretary of State for Scotland has been diminished. The current incumbent, Douglas Alexander holds the post whilst simultaneously (and separately) being Secretary of State for Transport.


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