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Population<ref>Monographie Province Nord-Kivu, DSRP RDC(French)</ref>
Year Inhabitants
1994 11,343
2004 (est.) 17,151

Sake is a town in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the eastern province of North Kivu. It is located 20-30 km (13-18 mi) west of Goma on National Road No. 2, on the northwestern shore of Lake Kivu.<ref name=volcano>DR Congo: Volcano - IRIN: 23-Jan-02, IRIN via, 23 January 2006</ref>

The town has hosted Rwandans during the Great Lakes refugee crisis of the mid-1990s and Goma residents fleeing the 2002 eruption of Mount Nyiragongo.<ref name=volcano/> Deadly battles between the government military and forces led by Laurent Nkunda led thousands of residents of Sake to flee in August 2006.<ref name=flee>Thousands flee clash between Congo army and rebels, Reuters, 5 August 2006</ref> On 25 November, 2006, fifteen to twenty thousands fled battles between Nkunda forces and the DRC army in an offensive waged by the former in the area of Sake. The fighting took place nearly a day before the Supreme Court was to rule on the outcome of the highly contested 2006 presidential run-off. The fighting appear to have dissipated the following morning. <ref>"Thousands flee rebel attack in eastern Congo", Reuters, 25 November 2006</ref>

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Coordinates: 1.574108° S 29.041328° E

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Sake, DRC

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