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St. Fergus (Fergustian) (-/730) was an Irish bishop who went to Scotland as a missionary.

He settled near Strageath and founded three churches in Strogeth and two in Caithness (He may have also founded churches in Inverugy, Banff, and Dyce). He may have been the Fergustus Pictus who went to Rome in 721, but such a contention relies solely on the similarity of a common name. He died in 730 and was buried at Glamis.

During the time of James IV, the Abbot of Scone removed his head to Scone church and build an expensive shrine for it. Aberdeen was able to get an arm of the Saint.

The Martyrology of Tallaght mentions his festival on the 8th of September but in Scotland it used to be on the 18th of November.


Saint Fergus

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