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Sadr City bombing
Image:2006 Sadr City.jpg
Location Sadr City neighbourhood of Baghdad, Iraq
Target(s) Shiite Muslim Sadr City Slum
Date November 23 2006

15:10 – 15:55 (UTC+3)

Attack Type Car bombs and mortar rounds.
Fatalities 215
Injuries 257
Perpetrator(s) Unknown: legal proceedings have not yet taken place.

The 2006 Sadr City bombings were a series of car bombs and mortar attacks in Iraq that began on November 23 at 15:10 Baghdad time (12:10 Greenwich Mean Time) and ended at 15:55 (12:55 GMT). Between three and five car bombs and two mortar rounds were used in the attack on the Shi'ite Muslim slum in Sadr City.<ref name="yahoo01">Attack on Baghdad Shiite slum kills 160 - Yahoo! News</ref>

[edit] Casualties and aftermath

The attacks killed at least 215 people and injured 257 others, making it the single deadliest sectarian attack since the beginning of the Iraq War in 2003.<ref name="CNN">[1] - Fox News</ref><ref name="bbc01">Baghdad curfew after bombing wave - BBC News</ref><ref name="msnbc02">Iraqi militias take revenge for slaughter of 215 - MSNBC</ref> Following the attacks, the Iraqi government placed Baghdad under 24-hour curfew beginning at 20:00 Baghdad time (17:00 GMT), shut down Baghdad International Airport to commercial traffic, and closed the docks and airport in Basra, Iraq. No word was given on when the restrictions would be lifted.<ref name="msnbc01">Bombs in Shiite slum kill at least 161 - MSNBC</ref>

The morning of November 24, 2006, the Associated Press reported that Shiite militiamen retaliated for the attacks, dousing six Sunni Arabs in kerosene and burning them alive.<ref name="kansas01">Shiites burn six Sunni worshippers alive -</ref> The Iraqi Army could not confirm the reports of Sunnis being burned alive, and found only one mosque that had suffered fire damage.<ref name="mnf-iraq01">One Mosque Burned in Hurriya - Multi-National Force - Iraq November 25 2006.</ref> However, the AP stands by its story after reconfirming its details with their sources.<ref name="e&p01">AP Defies Military, Bloggers on Story of 6 Iraqis Set on Fire</ref>

[edit] Timing of the attacks

The attacks occurred while residents of Sadr City were commemorating the life of Mohammad Mohammad Sadeq al-Sadr.<ref name="washingtonpost01">Assault on Iraqi Civilians Is Deadliest Since 2003 - Washington Post November 24 2006.</ref> Al-Sadr was killed by the former Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein in February 1999.

On November 16, 2006, an arrest warrant for Harith al-Dari, a prominent Sunni cleric, was issued in Baghdad.<ref name="time01">Iraqi Arrest Warrant Revives a Sunni Cleric's Fortunes - Time Magazine November 18 2006.</ref> Moqtada al-Sadr, the son of Mohammad Mohammad Sadeq al-Sadr and a controversial figure in his own right, called out on Friday for al-Dari to issue fatwas prohibiting the killing of Shiites, membership in "al Qaeda or any other organization that has made (Shiites) their enemies," and expressing support for the restoration of the Imam Ali Shrine. When al-Dari has done this, Sadr says he will oppose the arrest warrant against him.<ref name="abcaus01">Sunni leader must stop bloodshed, says Sadr - Australian Broadcasting Corporation November 24 2006</ref>

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Sadr City bombings

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