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SCG International Risk
Established:August 4, 1996
Name Changed:October 1, 2002
President:J. Smith
Offices:2 CONUS / 3 OCONUS

SCG International Risk is a private military contractor and security firm based in the U.S. state of Mississippi and Virginia with satellite support offices in Kabul, Dubai and London. The company describes itself as providing support to "military, government agencies, law enforcement and qualified civilian contracting entities in security, intelligence, aviation, training, targets and range operations."


[edit] Corporate structure

SCG International consists of four companies:

[edit] SCG International Risk

This is the ground operations arm of the company. "Risk" provides security services to US and Coalition personnel and other VIPs in war zones. Other operations include compound defense and support, camp management, training of military and law enforcement teams in tactics and procedures, logistical operations such as medical support, field and water sanitation, refueling operations, convoy security and other "ground operations". This company, a wholly owned subsidiary of SCG International (

[edit] SCG International Air

This is the aviation "wing" of SCG International's corporate structure. This company, a wholly owned subsidiary of SCG International, provides charter, cargo movement, executive travel and medevac (medical evacuation) services around the globe from their fleet of fixed wing and rotary winged aircraft. The majority of the company's cargo fleet are comprised of former Soviet aircraft such as the AN-12 and IL-76 aircraft. (

[edit] SCG International Properties

This is a wholly owned subsidiary company of SCG International which apparently doesn't provide anything related to military or defense services. This company is a real-estate investment and development corporation.

[edit] SCG International Operations Center

This company (, again owned by SCG International, provides a platform for governments, corporations, security, travel, risk and human resources pesonnel to receive intelligence on specific targets around the world. The collection capability includes continuously updated intelligence for 184 countries and 285 cities worldwide for the company's private clients. Information is gathered using sophisticated software which monitors over 500 news feeds around the world, as well as HUMINT collected from SCG International Risk's contractors and employees stationed and working around the world. The company also offers free of charge an early morning intelligence briefing available online by signing up at ( Registered users receive daily morning updates on events around the world and specific updates on breaking intelligence items covering such areas as terrorism, natural disasters (they sent out a earthquake warning just prior to the disaster in Indonesia warning of potential tsunamis resulting from the quake), health outbreaks and more.

[edit] Facilities

SCG personnel in CQB training in Kabul in 2005.

Company literature claims the company runs "the graduate school of tactical training." The company's new facility, under development in Northern Mississippi, is composed of several ranges, indoor, outdoor, urban reproductions and has over 1500 acres of land.

[edit] Structures Include

  • Ballistic CQB Houses (2)
  • Driving Tracks (4)
  • Airstrip capable of handling C-130 aircraft
  • Landing Zones and Drop Zones for parachute and rotary-wing operations/training
  • Headquarters office (under development currently)
  • MOUT (Military Operations Urban Terrain) villages (4)
  • Known Distance Range (1500 meters)
  • K-9 training and kennel area
  • Jungle Lane Range (500 yards long)
  • Bunkhouses for student lodging (2)
  • Mess Hall for feeding staff / students (1)
  • Armory for storage of weapons and sensitive items (1)
  • Classrooms (4)
  • Pro Shop (1)

[edit] Training

SCG International Risk offers dozens of courses from hand to hand combat to sniping. Furthermore one could opt to enroll in the company's selection course and recruits are then engaged in a rather restrictive contract that places them exclusively in their service.

SCG personnel training US Army students in combatives in 2006.

[edit] Courses offered

  • High Threat Protective Operations (8 Days or 14 Days in duration)
  • SWAT Operations (5 days)
  • Hostile Environment Security Training (5 Days)
  • Tactical Convoy Operations (5 Days)
  • Modern Army Combatives (5 days or 10 Days)
  • Advanced and Basic Driver Training (5 Days)
  • Tactical Carbine (5 Days)
  • Tactical Pistol (5 days)
  • LEA Sniper/Counter-Sniper/Defensive Marksman (5 Days)
  • Close quarters battle (CQB) (5 Days)

[edit] History

Image:SCG at the border.jpg
SCG personnel at Pakistan border in 2002.

SCG International Risk ( was originally established as the Delta Training Center (DTC) in 1996 , and has operated as SCG International Risk since 2002. Since inception in 1996, SCG has been operated under the direction of experienced former U.S. Government Intelligence Officers and U.S. Military personnel. SCG personnel have worked with more than 1,200 clients (including 9 Fortune 500 corporations) in over 14 countries. SCG International Risk provides high-level training and security services to governments, law enforcement and military units, and to private and corporate entities. It was one of several private security firms employed following the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan.

CEO J. Smith came to SCG after having been the first Director of Blackwater Security Consulting. Smith left Blackwater USA in late 2002, moving to SCG International Risk. SCG is one of over 60 private security firms employed during the Iraq War and the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan to guard officials and installations, train Iraq's and Afghanistan's new army and police, and provide other support for occupation forces. Smith is a former officer with the CIA. Other executives within the firm come from US Army Special Forces, US Navy SEALs and the USMC.

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