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Presidential elections were held in Russia on March 26, 2000. Incumbent Prime Minister and acting President Vladimir Putin, who had succeeded Boris Yeltsin on the latter's resignation December 31, 1999, was seeking a four-year term in his own right.

[edit] National summary

Registered voters:   109,372,043  
Total votes(valid+invalid):   75,070,770 68.6%
Invalid votes:   701 016 0.6%
Valid votes:   74,369,754 99.06%
Candidate Party    
Vladimir Putin   39,740,467 52.94%
Konstantin Titov   1,107,269 1.47%
Amangeldy Tuleyev   2,217,364 2.95%
Grigory Yavlinsky Yabloko 4,351,450 5.80%
Vladimir Zhirinovsky LDPR 2,026,509 2.70%
Gennady Zyuganov CPRF 21,928,468 29.21%
Ella Pamfilova  For civil dignity (Za grazhdanskoe dostoinstvo) 758,967 1.01%
For others   842,587 1.12%
Against all   1,414,673 1.88%
701,016 (00.6%) invalid   74,387,754  

The following parties were represented in this election:

Candidates with less than 1% of the vote are not shown.

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Russian presidential election, 2000

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