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The Rurik Dynasty was the ruling dynasty of Kievan Rus', Rus' principalities, Muscovy and early Russia from 862 to 1598.

The dynasty was established by Rurik, a semi-legendary Varangian ruler of Novgorod in 862 (according to Primary Chronicle). The founded state that existed from 862 is called the Kievan Rus'. In the middle of the 12th century Kievan Rus' transformed to group of independent principalities (Rus' principalities), which were ruled by different branches of Rurik dynasty. Moscow principality won a struggle for supremacy between Rus' states by the end of XV century. Since the reign of Ivan III Moscow branch of Rurik Dynasty use the title "tsar of all Russia" and ruled over a state called Muscovy. Rurik Dynasty became extinct with the death in 1598 of the tsar Feodor I.

After Feodor's death, an unstable period known as the Time of Troubles ensued, lasting until 1613. In that year, Mikhail I ascended to the throne, founding the Romanov dynasty that would last until 1917.

Among the descendents of the Rurik dynasty are noble families of Russia (Dolgorukov, Repnin, Gorchakov, Gagarin), as well as those of the Commonwealth of Poland-Lithuania (Ostrogski, Wareg-Massalski, Czetwertyński, and others).


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Rurik Dynasty

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