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The Federal Atomic Energy Agency (FAEA) (Russian: Федера́льное аге́нтство по а́томной эне́ргии), abbreviated as RosAtom (РосАтом), is the federal agency of Russia, the regulatory body of the Russian nuclear complex. It is comparable in function to the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission. It is headquartered in Moscow.

The Ministry for Atomic Energy of the Russian Federation (Russian: Министе́рство по а́томной эне́ргии Росси́йской Федера́ции), or MinAtom (МинАтом), was established on January 29, 1992 as a successor of the Ministry of Nuclear Engineering and Industry of the USSR. It was reorganized as the Federal Agency on Atomic Energy on March 9, 2004.

It was directed by Yevgeny Adamov until he was ousted by President Vladimir Putin in 2001. He was replaced by Alexander Rumyantsev (2001–2005). Now the Agency is directed by Sergei Kiriyenko.

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de:Föderale Agentur für Atomenergie Russlands

nl:Federaal Agentschap voor Kernenergie ru:Федеральное агентство по атомной энергии

Federal Atomic Energy Agency

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