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The term in this article relates to the term of a sovereign. It could also refer to browser-based online game located at, the Reign Award, or Reign (TV series).

A reign is a period of time a person serves as a monarch or pope. No time limit exists on reigns, nor is there a term of office. Thus a reign usually lasts for the remainder of the monarch's life, unless the monarchy itself is abolished or the monarch abdicates.

The term of a reign can be indicated with the abbreviation "r." after a sovereign's name, such as the following:

George VI, King of the Dominion of Canada (r. 1936–1952)

[edit] Reigns

A reign can be ended in three ways:

[edit] Abdications

[edit] Abolitions of Monarchies

King Constantine II of Greece reigned from 1963 until the abolition of the Greek monarchy in 1973.

King Humbert II of Italy reigned for only a few weeks in 1946 before the abolition of the Italian Monarchy.


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